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Hillary 2024

The interwebs have been aflutter lately with murmurings of a potential comeback run by Hillary Clinton in 2024. At first glance the idea sounds rather nonsensical; after all, she is set to be 76 years old by that election, and still is not exactly the most popular person in the room. Surely the Democrats have someone better waiting in the cloakroom, or at least a state capitol eons away. There should be no need to stoop as low as a twice-rejected figure who represents genuine presidential corruption, right?

Not necessarily. Ms. Clinton carries with her a cavalcade of unmentionable factors, yet she could weirdly end up being one of the stronger prospects that Democrats possess as they seek to retain the White House in 2024. Let’s think about it for a moment. Biden has been in office for eleven months, and still cannot persuade the public he is mentally able to serve an additional three years, let alone four more. He weirdly seems to have settled into the ceremonial role I predicted earlier, and may not actually seek a second term. If this happens, a crisis vacuum will presently become obvious.

Under normal circumstances, Kamala Harris would dash to the rescue, using her position as vice president to easily capture the Democratic nomination. Our girl Kamala suffers however from the excesses of woke perfection. According to the expectations set by leftist narratives, right now she should be riding high on the swill of diversity wunderkind, inspiring no less admiration than her predecessor, Barack the Booty Obama. This is clearly not happening. Harris is embroiled in steady conflict with the White House and lacks any broad public support. Matters are in such a tailspin that rumors of her elevation to the Supreme Court have stirred in the political soup. Just get her out somehow, the whisper proceeds.

In one sense, the move could be beneficial. Kamala is forgotten, paving the way for Pettucini Barolo to ascend as second fiddler and have more national credibility than he currently does as mayor and transsec. Conversely, a 50-50 Senate is not the breeding ground for smooth confirmation of someone like Harris, and Republicans would certainly create a political circus. Even if she was successful, they would still be left with Buttigieg as the Democratic standard-bearer, which is a very sobering prospect indeed. Boy Wonder he may be, but a figure who has mediocre qualifications is going to look weak when the incumbent president made so much of his own experience. Here Biden messed up majorly by not appointing Pettucini to DoD or at least the UN; in those roles a Bush Senior rise might have been more possible.

With Harris toxic and Buttigieg still unremarkable, Clinton might see her sliver of a path to victory. She could potentially distance herself from direct responsibility for inflation and play up the outside insider who can take the fight to Santo Ronaldino and the Big Tanned Orange in a way few other Democrats can. Her Russiaphobia might actually be a boon, especially if Putin further advances in Ukraine against the “strong condemn” and “will not be tolerated” complaints of EU paper-pushers and their soy armies. Perhaps a joint run with Liz Cheney could be in the cards, sloganeered as “Unity Through Bombs.” So many possibilities await.

Of course she might elect to sit it out, but the call of life is strong. This is Hillary’s last realistic chance. Question is, CAN she turn it down?

Federal Government

Expect a Ceremonial President

Nowadays calling an election with any degree of certainty veers dangerously close to the path of damnation. Copious statistics and technical analysis cannot reliably affirm an outcome in cases where the political Black Swan prevails, and therefore electing to make bold predictions presents a troublesome risk. With that being said, value can still be extracted from pontifications about what specific results might look like.

On this front, let us consider the notion of a Biden Presidency, and how minimally Biden would tend to influence day-by-day machinations. It is abundantly clear that Mr. Robinette has been affected by some form of mental decline. This fact is not advanced to mock him as a person—and indeed sympathy should be called for—but in terms of the office itself, Uncle Joe is bound to be more of a figurehead than any other president beforehand, and perhaps will not even be much apart from a statue to promote the vague sense of national unity.

Such a development is interesting in light of America’s political tradition. Although officially a presidential system, the Executive Branch has vacillated widely in terms of overall power. We have the concept of the Imperial Presidency conceived in the 1970s, and the tenure of Chief of Staff Don Regan, who was popularly seen as “prime minister” over President Reagan’s government. More recently, Dick Cheney usurped great power from George W. Bush while serving as the latter’s vice president, while Donald Trump has reclaimed significant authority for himself in the Oval Office.

But Biden would likely be different. At the tender young age of 78 and with failing memory, he is liable to embody the ceremonial, Head of State-style president visible in most European democracies; typically an elderly man or woman with basic duties to make appointments and appear at events but otherwise divorced from real responsibility and power. Democrats can flash his smile for the cameras, get legislation signed, and then allow the inner chamber doors to shut securely, locking Joey out of the real decision table.

Some will undoubtedly decry the possibility, perhaps appealing to his many years as a senator and champion for transforming bills into law. The same could of course be said for Robert Byrd, who hung on until the very end despite limited abilities towards that junction. Biden’s advantage over others here would be his legacy as a president, not simply another grouchy curmudgeon in the congressional retirement home. That prize is quite substantial for a person not confident of what his own name is.

But fear not, for while Biden may happily inhabit the world of ceremonial statesmanship, the Head of Government will be faithfully executed by a steady puppet mistress, if not her crafty friend.