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Money Doesn’t Equal Dignity

“You need money to have human dignity.”

Nowadays we have a lot of public discussion revolving this concept. People claim increasing the minimum wage, expanding healthcare, or offering free education serves to avoid the negative outcome. And that sex workers and porn artistry are “last resorts” for women struggling in a moribund, patriarchal world.

But oddly enough, having more means nothing if your personal code is bankrupt. Take Steven Spielberg. He’s a world famous influencer with a fantastic career, and more money than most could imagine. Yet reality is a cruel mistress.

His adopted daughter, Mikaela, recently came out about her pornography career, which she describes in the following terms:

“I’m doing this, not out of an urge to hurt anybody or be spiteful about it, I’m doing this because I want to honor my body (emphasis added) in a way that’s lucrative.”

Remember, this is the child of a mega-rich Hollywood power couple (who are apparently supportive of her choice). She likely had access to expansive educational, healthcare, and career-oriented resources throughout her life. Even if we want to ascribe the cause to various forms of abuse she experienced growing up, the specific avenue of pornography was certainly not a “last resort” for her in terms of a career, which she admits to pursuing.

So Bernie and Lizbeth can continue waving their hands, but having more means nothing if you possess no dignity.

Culturalism · Personal Finance

How To Win At Economic Dating

If you’re more than a young whippersnapper, you probably remember the video I made on Prince Harry’s decision to wed Meghan Markle. It got about 60,000 views, and made a lot of folks angry.

Why? Because I called his decision an “impending disaster.” This was wholly unacceptable, for anyone detracting from his life choices was necessarily a hater in the eyes of my critics.

As it turns out, I was 100 percent correct. Harry the heroic helicopter pilot has been relegated to the status of a dutiful servant beneath his hard-charging and clever wife. Yes, I meant clever. The mistake of the outrage crowd is to assume a negative attitude towards Meghan, which was never the case. We should rather look to her as a model.

Stop and figure things for a second. At the time of their wedding, Markle was pushing forty and recently divorced. Her acting career had been moderately successful, but nothing to ensure long-term dominance in the entertainment industry. She stood to end up like a more ethical Lori Loughlin: famous, but hardly a star.

Nevertheless, she managed to wife up a younger prince with access to copious wealth, AND had a son with him. That’s pure talent.

The press frenzy over the royal couple’s “Megxit” chapter of stepping back from duties to live in Canada remains baseless controversy, as it’s all part of the plan. With legal and blood ties to the royal family, plus a newly-minted trademark brand, she has become financially invincible. Even Camilla Parker Bowels could never dream up such a fantasy.

How’s that for happily ever after?