The Prodigal Soy

In the process of finishing a long-delayed book on the merits of Conservatism, I came across a clarifying realization worth mentioning here: morality is a progressive liberal. This might strike the initial hearing as odd; after all, how precisely can a concept take on its own shape with ideology, almost like an ardent political actor would do? The answer relates more strongly to perception than any other aspect.

Contained between the force fields of our Western universe, those embodying the values of the Plural Left are necessarily accepted to be on the “right” side of the equation. By this I don’t suggest they feel an affinity towards conservative positions, but rather that their views are ultimately the tone-setters for our spirito-politico lives. We see this dynamic playing out on the regular with those frustrated souls who become tarred by a brusque Tweet or association with past rabble-rousing. Quickly they run to the Left, seeking with drooling lips the maternal warmth and protection from consequences brought on through right-wing conspiracy.

One of the earliest instances was David Brock, a dastardly viper of a person who ran attack programs against the Clintons in the 1990s, before letting his disillusionment and gayness transition to hyperactive leftist warfare at Media Matters. He would be followed by Jack Hunter, the “not a racist” Southern Avenger who got weak at the knees after realizing his past might complicate a safe gig with Senator Rand Paul, or writing dopey lolbertarian pieces at Notably though, he went to a establishment center-left publication to do his mea culpas, not Fox News. I suppose we could just attribute these shifts to money needs, and surely that seems to be at least part of the discussion. After all, in the land of limited welfare provisions, a man with no job is half-life.

Let’s not forget to include femme fatales in the mix either. Katie McHugh was for a time the prize-winning for Breitbart, cranking out venomous pieces to feed the relentless churn of comment section demand and apocalyptic Rightist gnawing. After being kicked to the curb for some anti-Muslim tweets in June 2017, her big blueberry eyes wandered around the conservative blogophere, unable to secure permanent work and forced to take up restaurant jobs simply to stay afloat. Her heart ached at the thought of never being able to find someone and start a family as a slowly-deprogrammed normie, hence she chose to vent these frustrations to BuzzFeed, content to cede moral responsibility to Ben Smith and Matt Stopera over even the more moderate expressions of conservative normalcy.

Some years later, McHugh would be joined by the dazzling face of Alyssa Farah. At one time the daughter of WND’s Joseph Farah and a doyenne of modern Conservatism, Farah charted a fairly stable path from Fox News staffer to communications specialist at the Freedom Caucus, and eventually the Trump White House itself. There she prevailed nearly to the end with serving the president, only to have a last-minute concern over legacy issues and turning against the orange legend with this vague hope of “saving” democracy.

In one of the most disgusting prodigal soy moves known to history, Farah went on The View in February 2022 and slagged off her parents in front of millions because they chose to not attend her wedding based on political disagreements. Here she was, one-time darling of the Plural Right, degrading and diminishing her own kin to the pleasure of cackling leftist hens with no agenda other than to confirm their varied degrees of self-loathing. Conservative platforms would not do, for the separation had to feel absolute and credible. Once motherly leftists place you in the clear, sins can slowly be washed away, even if the eventual outcome is a smarmy gig pushing robotic neo-conservatism on hapless bystanders. At least it’s good, genuine, and non-offensive. That necessary and proper road back to a bear hug from the broader human race.

Soy was lost, but now it has been found.