Republicans Are In Denial

Maybe it’s not a fair observation. After all, Reince Priebus made his cringe outreach strategy post-2012 to snag the minority vote, on what basis I’m not terribly sure. You have to remember that the evil anti-minority bogey for the GOP that year was Mitt Romney, who outrageously suggested migrants might self-deport.

Ooh! Sounds racist. But that’s beside the point. Looking at the results of this Tuesday’s election, you really have to wonder how Republicans are planning to proceed.

In Virginia, a swath of hard left candidates won office, pushing Democrats over the top to give them unified government come next year. They plan to “move quickly,” no doubt cutting back on gun rights and further hindering federal immigration enforcement. Especially noticeable was the northern region, once represented by moderate Republicans and now increasingly dominated by leftist migrants from the Indian subcontinent. Also, empowered Muslims.

Rumor has it the Democrats celebrated their newest diversity victory by singing, “For Southern rights hurrah!”

Kentucky was only slightly better. Bevin, who I never thought highly of, lost by a sliver because of muh pensions. That’s still quite significant in a deep red state. You don’t see a whole lot of blue regions narrowly electing right wingers, so the happening is huge.

Even in Mississippi, the GOP only held the executive seat by about seven points – a weak showing considering the standards. Coupled with the near-disastrous outcome in Georgia last year, there may well be a reckoning for former Confederacy in the near future.

So, what should Republicans do? Continue sharing their Baby Boomer memes about Reagan and diversity? Emphasize they believe in freedom and tax cuts? Rename themselves the Social Democrats of America?

Or maybe, get real about the immigration issue.

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