Does Anyone Bother Reading?

Sure, Breitbart’s comment section is a poor sample size, but let’s humor the gods for a moment. We have a story entitled “Italian Governor Quarantines Himself After Staffer Tests Positive for Coronavirus”.

While the piece doesn’t explicitly name Attilio Fontana’s political affiliation, it helps clue readers in by noting his criticism of the Conte Government’s response to Coronavirus. Additionally, there is mention of  Matteo Salvini’s negative opinion of Conte, suggesting kindred feelings on at least that issue.

Fontana is also regional president of Lombardia, one of the two more reliably right-wing provinces of the Mediterranean country, and  a hotbed of support for Salvini’s Lega.

With all that information available, how does the empowered Breitbart reader respond? By assuming he’s a leftist. Here we go:

“Oh poor baby leftist runs and hides!!! No lossless he does the better off the country will be. Whata bunch of flakes the Italians are.”

The same commenter made this reply to a different article, also on Italy:

“WHY was Salvini voted out?!?!?!!? These people are nutz and get what they deserve!!!!!!”

Folks, with the advent of the Google search, it’s not that hard to square information before making a statement. Just count to ten and breathe.

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