Let’s Talk About Sexism

It wasn’t moments after Elizabeth Warren called it quits that our girls at Hufflepuff had put out an article attempting to deflect her failure onto the alleged “sexism“ of primary voters. The article, which reads like a winsome, brooding teenager, features the following quotation from Rebecca Katz:

“At a certain point, the narrative that a woman can’t win and that a white man would be the safest candidate to take on Trump became self-fulfilling.”

Fascinating. At what point was that? When John Delaney and Seth Moulton dropped out? Before or after Buttigieg conceded? Somewhere in Tulsi Gabbard’s universe?

The argument is a ridiculous one, seeing the advantages that Warren held going in, including superior name recognition, and a status as one of the two main progressive options for voters. She even led in primary polling for a period last fall, and had no shortage of speaking time at debates, especially towards the end of the cycle.

No, this post-disaster claim about leftist women who lose needs to be put in its place. Whenever a man is forced into the position of losing to a woman, society will relentlessly mock him for it using crude gender assumptions, but still insist he be a “good sport” and concede honorably.

On the flip side, a progressive woman is NEVER at fault for failing to win in her own right. We all remember 2016, when Clinton’s demise was explained away using the sexism crutch, with special emphasis on Trump’s “looming” behind her on a debate stage. As if that was too much for her to handle.

 If humans want to achieve real equality, then we should stop giving leftist women an easy way out of moments when they lose face.

Does that make me sexist?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sexism

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    1. Yeah good points man. I’ve noticed the same thing. If a man loses he “better not be a jerk about it”. These days (women especially) forget how important RESPECT is to a man. A little respect goea a long way.

      Also wtf is with these other comments?! Chill out people


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