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How a Man Becomes Eclipsed

Some months back I noted how Meghan Markle had brilliantly outperformed in the category of economic dating. She beat the manosphere’s fantastical “wall,” established herself in a secure financial position, and had a child with the doting Prince Harry. More than all that, she has continued to demonstrate her absolute dominance over the second-hand royal, to the point where he practically doesn’t exist.  

The most recent example of such supremacy comes in a report from the Daily Mail:

Hold on a second. Right here we have a fellow who is looks and status-wise in the top five percent worldwide. For years he was on lists of the most eligible bachelors, getting royally (lol) fawned over by millions of different women. And now, like any depressed suburban dad bod, he is forced to give up whole swaths of his identity to maintain the “happy wife.”

Sure, it could just be angry royal gossip, but her previous influence on the man suggests otherwise. The prevailing question would be what further concessions she might manage to extract in his desperate quest to “keep the peace,” and ensure that love spigot is unleashed at least once a month. Maybe a sex-change operation?

Harry should be a lesson to anyone engaged with a serious relationship, male or female. While some bad habits are worth kicking, giving up your whole personality and character simply to please a mate is recipe for the subservient life of an invisible creature. A total eclipse of the heart.

4 thoughts on “How a Man Becomes Eclipsed

  1. Sounds like someone has a crush on Prince Haaaaarrryyyy 😘.

    Status-wise definitely rock solid, looks-wise ehh imo. He’s unremarkable.

    No I frankly cannot stand Megan Markle though. She waltzed in from Hollywood and literally clucked a future king. Did no one think this was a bad idea? Could no one in his family stop him? Like you said in your video today, when will men as a whole say enough is enough? She’s not even that pretty.

    No “form” of traditionalism is perfect I guess but it was better than this madness


    1. He’s an example of a dude who is perceived as “hot,” because he happens to be a prince. I wonder if his SMV will fall should MM divorce him tho.

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