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The Saudi Wall Collapses

Saudi Arabia is the poster child of draconians. Across the world, it serves as the perfect example of extreme traditionalist order – either good or bad – depending on who is speaking. Regardless though, the pummeling desert regime appears invincible and assured.

But times are changing. Recent data suggests Saudi divorces spiked by 30 percent during the Coronavirus pandemic as wives began discovering the hidden spouses kept by their husbands. While Saudi numbers remain low when compared to the West, the shift is remarkable if we account for its harsh and restrictive laws impacting women.

Of course this is nothing new. Observers noted long ago that Saudi Arabia has a large and burgeoning homosexual population, a fact confirmed by Osama bin Laden’s relative in her book. What’s especially interesting about that piece is how she describes women who are assumed to be conservative and submissive Muslims actually sparking relationships with members of both sexes—even while maintaining the illusions of marriage.

This leads us to an obvious conclusion: the behavior is probably more widespread in Saudi Arabia, and their legal strictures are really about satisfying radicals instead of ensuring female social order. There is also the gender ratio problem, with around 57 percent being men, an imbalance that implies women can afford to be highly entitled – and men will dance the jig, even if that means sharing her with other dudes, or even girlfriends.

Consider too that Crown Prince MBS is hardly a prime ascetic himself, reportedly cavorting with prostitutes and cocaine while governing the gigantic sand nation.  If anything, the religious veneer must be a limited application useful for propaganda as others gaze in, but not an indication of the truth. When you tie this to the extremely high foreign worker population in the kingdom, many of whom are not of Muslim origin cultures, the overall strength and durability of the regime becomes doubtful, presenting a dire conclusion.  

The fat sheikh has no clothes.   

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