Nothing Is Off Limits

“They’ve ruined my childhood” is usually employed by people lamenting some questionable film remake, or a bizarre caricature of the same. In my case, it applies to something a little different: the organization that shaped much of who I am. Is that too dramatic? Perhaps, but I will claim personal privilege on the issue.   

I spent six years in the Boy Scouts. During this time, I completed 28 merit badges and held the positions of Instructor, Troop Guide, Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. I further planned, coordinated, and built a substantial community project to fulfill the rank of Eagle Scout. Since leaving, I have also helped with other Eagle projects, because I believe in the value of giving back to the next generation, as older scouts did for me.

In other words, I grew up in the organization, and the experience shaped much of my outlook on the world. The values of respect for oneself and others, reverence to God, and support for social order all proved invaluable to the mind, and I continue to benefit from that foundation as an adult. For the longest time, I anticipated enrolling my future son in the same program to mold him into a better man.  

But not anymore. Over the last several years, the organization has undergone a pathetic slide towards abject depravity. After years of being targeted by petty political lawsuits, the BSA caved in 2017 and permitted open homosexuals to join. Then came the women, who for some reason were not satisfied by access to the Girl Scouts. Finally, the name was changed to reflect their progressive shift, removing “boy” from the title.

As it turns out, there will be more wonders baked into the crust. Following the riots and looting conducted by AntiFrocio and Bowel Movements Matter, the Scouts decided to endorse social anarchy by introducing a mandatory  “Diversity and Inclusion” merit badge. Yes, that’s correct. Young men need to learn Marxist Critical Theory to properly enter adulthood. What might come next, a requirement that all whites apologize and give up their tents to minorities? Could well occur.

What baffles me about it all is that I cannot recall a single instance of “racism” or even “homophobia” during my tenure in the organization. If anything was overbearing, it was the intense religiosity of certain scoutmasters, but even that failed to prevent the experience from being worthwhile. At any rate, learning to respect God is far less damaging than being regaled by a low-aptitude fool about the original sin of whiteness.

Or maybe that is simply my opinion, but it’s a damn good one. The only reason the Plural Left targeted the BSA is because they recognized its mission as a threat. Raising up boys to become men and honor their country as opposed to feminism and godlessness? That’s a BIG problem, and there’s a Karen for it. They actually need to be learning about gay sex practices and reparations, because the current year.

How I wish time travel was real.   

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