How To Lose At Economic Dating

Robert De Niro is angry. He’s furious about Trump, about clowns, and the sun drying up earth into a massive desert. What’s more, he’s an actor, so you best zip up and listen. It’s true that he might have benefited from zipping things up in the alimony department, but you’re just jealous of his fame and fortune (or whatever is left of it).

Sure, I hate to be passive-aggressive on my own blog, but Robert De Niro is a great example of how the marriage industry can fell a person, no matter how progressive and giving they happen to be. The fresh word is that De Niro’s twice-divorced wife, Grace Hightower, is not content with the financial limitations he had attempted to place on her:

“Hightower, whom De Niro married in 1997, requested that the actor raise her monthly American Express allowance from $50,000 to $100,000. But the Post reported that the New York judge on the case denied her request, ordering De Niro to keep her credit card limit at $50,000 a month and to pay her $75,000 so she can find a summer home for their two children.”

Not surprisingly, her lawyer is infuriated, claiming “Mr. De Niro has used the COVID pandemic, my words would be, to stick it to his wife financially.”

In all fairness, Robert has probably been sticking it to her many times before, so Grace’s pent-up anger could be justified. Funny enough, part of Don Corleone’s defense is that he’s not making enough money:

De Niro “is going to be lucky if he makes $7.5 million this year,” Caroline Krauss, the actor’s lawyer, reportedly said. His prenuptial agreement stipulates that he owes his wife $1 million each year as long as he’s making at least $15 million a year, and the spousal support will be adjusted proportionally should De Niro make less than $15 million. He is only projected to rake in $2.5 million.

Well fancy that. Making more money in twelve months than most will in a lifetime doesn’t quite cut it because of his empowered dating strategy. It’s almost like celebrities are out of touch hypocrites who cannot manage their personal lives but wish to dictate how everyone else ought to live.

Some time back De Niro discussed Donald Trump and said “I’d like to see a bag of shit right in his face. Hit him right in the face like that, and let the picture go all over the world.”

What goes around comes around.

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