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On Calls For An Ebony Republic

It has come to my attention that members of the protest collective are now calling for the establishment of their own nation within the existing territory of the continental United States. They appear to want either Texas, or the creation of a new state somewhere in the African continent. While this proposal is hardly novel in nature, it seems like a worthy topic of discussion due to the tide of current affairs.

At the heart of the concept is an obsession with justice. Since blacks were enslaved by various African empires in their home countries and then sold to Europeans wishing to cultivate the New World, they have borne the weight of that legacy for years, and even after the abolishment of slavery through laws such as Jim Crow. Black Nationalists seem to believe the possibility of reform is either unlikely or insufficient, thus separation has become the most viable solution in their eyes; only by ruling an independent country can the past truly be brushed aside so progress rises.

In all honesty, I am not diametrically opposed to the idea for those who want it. The suggestion of Texas seems out of step with history and remains a political non-starter, but perhaps an area of the coastal South could work admirably towards the goal. Having access to the ocean would be important for trade and economic development, as well as travel purposes. It also melds with African-American history, so the foundational possibilities are vivid.

Obviously the obstacles to such a proposal are numerous. To start, the government would have to figure out how to compensate those being forced from their homes or properties, assuming they are not allowed to remain under the new state. Similar questions might abound in terms of federal welfare programs and educational funding—would the existing federal authorities transmit payments for years to the new country, and what might become of American citizenship for those in the new state? The status of security forces in such a regime would be similarly questionable, as National Guardsmen are ultimately dependent on federal money.

 At the same time, benefits might materialize with black Americans being able to command their own destiny politically and economically. Though it is guaranteed that whites would still be blamed for any possible woes of the Ebony Republic, the level of social tension over the question might be exceptionally diminished, perhaps preventing violence or misunderstandings, at least assuming that a large portion of the population would join the country. Over time, one can merely speculate as to the new national outcomes.

So while I’m hardly an advocate of separatism or Black Power, the notion is interesting.

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