Not So Subtle

At times I wonder if this is all too boring. The human mind gets constant bombardment with imagery and hidden meanings that it may fail to properly analyze, so perhaps the overt damage remains minimal. We can just go about our days, enjoying the loverly roses on the wayside, and pretend nothing is wrong. Because, to be fair, they’re hardly full frontal messages, only symbols.

Not quite. Symbolism may seem harmless, yet it has the capacity to influence us on a subconscious level, perhaps explaining why even the most rabid degenerates dismiss very real concepts as “conspiracy theories” without stopping to perform some basic introspection. The fact that they are literally swimming in the same debauchery being documented doesn’t matter, because no one is flat out telling them to wear a goat mask or make ritual sacrifices – and the media is ready to guard against any suggestion of the same.

Look at the song “Watermelon Sugar” as a profile. In the (sorrowfully) G-rated interpretation, it references a classic form of street heroin native to Southern cities in the United States. So Harry Styles is promoting drug use…what’s the big deal?

Well, an alternative explanation suggests the song actually concerns a rather mundane sex act. Twitter is alight with typically millennial fixation over a topic of abject nothingness. Styles himself remains barely cagey about the notion:

Once more, a prominent and talented musician is incapable of creating work without observing loyal deference to the base instincts of human creatures. The still for his audio only version features imagery suggesting Styles may well be on the other side, and certainly in favor of BLM:

Sure, it’s only a song, but the hidden messaging can also be found closer to home. The other day I drove past a polling place with the following spectacle, jammed carefully between signs for the empowered Democratic nominees:

We already know the Girl Scouts long ago sold out to progressive causes, but is this sort of thing necessary? The rainbow background with its common political meaning, joined to the word FUN, reeks of a desire to groom children. Unsurprisingly, it has happened before. The laughably-renamed Scouts BSA is almost worse, requiring participants to complete ideological indoctrination programs a sane person would compare to the menacing practices of communist regimes.

Although I suppose they’re just symbols.   

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