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The Good Citizens

Worth documenting here, as I’ve seen so many cases like this on Twitter:

What a nice man

He’s an empowered feminist as well:

Some people try to reason, but then we get a healthy dose of Kevinism:

The importance of these images lies with what they signal about the folks around you. For years we’ve heard of “La Resistance” courageously fighting back against fascism and evil Nazis. Today, they happily relish the opportunity to round up others. Such upstanding citizens.

6 thoughts on “The Good Citizens

  1. As usual, twitter is for people to constantly only hear themselves.
    People have said stuff like “let’s sneak those vaccines in their sleep” when that’s a pretty tasteless and cruel joke.
    And if the vaccines do end up coming out and then people STILL keep saying we need ot have lockdowns, then that will be some seriously stubborn hypocrisy.

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    1. Saying “That’s hypocritical.” would be like saying “That CEO only cares about his earning potential.” I think it’s very obvious as of the past half decade or more that many people are proudly hypocritical. They have a particular ideal vision of life, culture, government and so on in their heads and nothing will convince them otherwise.

      IRL, you have the normies who have little to no concept or care at all of what’s really going on. Online, you have the mainstream who largely supports these things and the bitter and dogmatic minority who are only even allowed to have an echo chamber due to being banned everywhere else. Whether this is all planned or not, it’s been at a point for a while where it’s best to simply opt out of humanity before humans take you down with them.

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