Voids To Fill

There’s much fashion for the word “cope” lately. At one time it likely emerged outside the manosphere, though by this point use has become second nature to the fierce and reactionary male promoters. More and more lifestyle choices are labeled with such approbation, to where I suspect there is at least a horde of souls who have been trained to think along its guarded lines. They cannot escape the sensitivity, no matter how much stealthy avoidance is attempted. Destiny has clasped all moments for repressive study.

The fallout from this dynamic is brutal in descriptive shades. Everything that one does, especially as a man, must swiftly be called into question for not meeting the professed fantasy lived by Chadish specimens. Interested in art? Well, if it’s not leading to a six-plate harem and endless expansion of the sexual zone, then coping has come to roost. Not specifically focusing on workout regimens or diets that will make you large, and presumably more sexually desirable? Waste of time and an obvious coping mechanism. Better throw in some real estate investing and career-maxxing as well, because a basic life is not acceptable for anyone save the malingered souls of soyciety.

Absent careful consideration, we can easily fall prey to such twisted perceptions of truth. For example, when I moved to a larger city and had less of a robust social circle, I would at times feel pressured to seek out new avenues, hardly because I was full of energy after 40-plus hours of manual labor in wretched conditions; instead, it was the unceasing dictums of the internet pushing along. Best stay active and constantly move on to the next lay or night out, lest you slouch into the blasé inactivity of a NEET wannabe. You can’t yourself to just relax and enjoy the downtime, for losers sleep while winners go hard and fast on 4 hours a night.

Lately the influence has passed across my research efforts as well. Since 2019 I have issued at least 9 books, on a variety of subjects and demanding varied degrees of study to write. The present topic of Conservatism has proved especially frustrating, and at times I question the value. Pointedly, I wonder if I’m “coping” by dedicating time to a useful endeavor, albeit at the expense of more hours spent going out to interact with the opposite sex and merrily build the never-ending harem of gold. One of my next projects is a book that will likely require a year’s worth of reading and writing, with some sources not even available in an ideal translation. Am I frittering away time that could otherwise be spent “in the GAME” by following a dutiful passion on the digital page?

Them that follow the popular assumptions would no doubt concur readily. I’m not so ready to take that position. It seems like provision of energies to a cause, a personal myth perhaps, may not be so far from valid if one can stay halfway rational about the whole thing, while still dedicating some time to other offerings.

But then again, that could just be another cope.


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