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Those Permissible Lies

The problem with paying attention to the media is that you start to see through their illusions. The “facts,” or “reliable sources,” quickly unravel when more than a casual look is granted, and often the transformation is so rapid as to make it feel intentional.  Almost as if they want the plebe to find out, but expect him to have no curiosity.

In point, I recently got a letter from The Center For Voter Information, an activist group purporting to support more engagement by the electorate in state and federal elections. The included paperwork listed my voting score, something I had never heard of, and a rather unnerving idea at that. Luckily I was better than average, so perhaps Mama Kamala will grant me a prize for this achievement. Also included was an application pre-populated with my personal information for a mail-in ballot, a pleasant advantage for those terrified for the Corona.

Since the sender seemed rather official, I did a Google search and discovered it exists as the sister organization to the Voter Participation Center, with both being billed under the joyous and comfortable descriptor of non-partisan. Hearing those words excited my idealistic side. Could it be that a group was simply acting in the public interest, and not shilling for any specific political entity? What a breath of fresh air!

Feeling greatly empowered, I checked the “About Us” page, and read with interest into the biography blurbs. Who could these wonderful folks be, taking time out of their ideological lives to support the common good without a hint of bias? Well, their names are Page Gardner and Tom Lopach, the latter of whom could probably sub for Pete Buttigieg if he desired. Their smiles felt endearing and true, so I decided to perform a bit of a Google search on both.

The results were interesting, to say the least. As it turns out, Page Gardner is actually a long-time Democratic operative with close ties to the Clinton Organized Crime Family and Media Matters. One of her related groups, Women’s Voices Women Vote, even got started using the influence of John Podesta, the former Clinton chief of staff. But don’t worry, because she’s running a “non-partisan” group to promote democracy.

Lopach is not much better. His LinkedIn profile reveals recent jobs promoting Steve Bullock for president, along with earlier roles working for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Committee for a Democratic Majority. Maybe he is unbiased though, just like Snopes claims to be.  One just has to believe.

Groups such as the CFVI are a great example of the tolerated lies in our society. Just like how wearing a white coat makes the speaker legitimate, or holding a PhD is supposed to arrest all doubts. We are trained to focus on the trigger word or image, not what who else (or how much money) might lie behind it. This implied ignorance works because large swaths of the public simply are not curious enough to question what they see, and merely act on the superficial qualities.

Considering how crucial a national election is for the purposes of appointment powers and control of the Justice Department, that obliviousness matters.

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